Findhorn Ecovillage

Findhorn Ecovillage provides the location for our social and therapeutic gardening day service. It is a small habitation of approximately 500 people located by Findhorn Bay who have chosen to live together to reduce their impact on the environment and build community. Founded originally in 1962, the ecovillage is distinct and separate from Findhorn Village which is the ecovillage’s much older and original neighbour.

Findhorn Ecovillage includes a variety of different areas for our high-quality day service to utilise. We make use of the vegetable gardens, local woodlands, workshop studios and the surrounding land and seascapes.

The ecovillage boasts its own electricity generating wind turbines, a natural waste-water treatment facility, car share scheme, ecological building designs and a large variety of businesses and charities creating a vibrant local economy. There is also an excellent cafe and well stocked shop full of high quality, organic produce.

The ecovillage is open to the public to walk around and tours are held on most days of the year. If you would like more information please call the Findhorn Foundation Visitor Centre on 01309 690311.

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